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Definition of Colour Services

Regrowth Tint

The use of permanent or non permanent colours at the root. It gives up to 100% coverage to blend in with your existing colour.

Full Head Tint

An overall uniform application of colour from either a range of permanent or non permanent colours.


It is a French word, meaning to ‘sweep’ or ‘paint.’ It’s a freehand technique that offers a beautiful blend of colours for a more natural, softer look. With the benefit of low maintenance and not much upkeep, it’s becoming one of the most requested techniques used in colour application.


A classic application of weaves or slices throughout the hair, it is usually sectioned as a half head of highlights or a full head of highlights, and can be incorporated in other ways to compliment your desired look. Create definition with colour or with a more natural effect that starts from the roots.


It is used to personalise or correct hair colour. Depending on the desired result, toners can neutralise or refresh existing colour.

All of which can be tailored to suit your specific requirements.

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